Tested Equipment

Arming Americans

Made In The U.S.A.

By men and women who have a passion to make better equipment.


We design our holsters based on the feedback we receive from our Trial Teams, Active Duty Military, Law Enforcement, Competitors and Shooters who are selected to push our gear to its failure point.

Built By Shooters For Shooters

Born Out Of Necessity

We saw a gap that we believe our company can fill in the gear created for the modern shooter. From something as simple as light compatibility to custom projects that exceed expectations.

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“Real Professional--It was a solution right out of the box, right after UPS dropped it off. Ready to run and I appreciate that. I am going to use the sh** out of this.”

IG: @jyoungblood208 - OWB Holster

This is my second holster from Kerber Arms. And I have to say, I really like it. Drawing and reholstering is just as smooth as on my other brand name holsters, no hiccups or snagging whatsoever, all while maintaining a positive snap when reholstering into the passive retention.
The material used is phenomenal . The holster feels extremely durable, something I feel like I can trust not break even if I don't treat it with care.
I would highly recommend it.

Marc Okamoto - OWB Holster

I carry this holster on my person everyday, its become my go to for EDC. Its adjustable and really comfortable. My favorite holster by far.

Brad Hansen - IWB Holster